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Adrian Paul -

Duncan MacLeod

Stan Kirsch -

Richie Ryan

Alexandra Vandernoot -

Tessa Noel

Elizabeth Gracen -


Jim Byrnes -

Joe Dawson

Peter Wingfield -

Methos/Adam Pierson

Roger Daltrey -


Valentine Pelka -


Philip Akin -

Charlie DeSalvo

Michel Modo -


Peter Hudson -

James Horton

Lisa Howard -

Anne Lindsey

Mathew Walker -

Ian MacLeod

Anna Hagan -

Mary MacLeod

Werner Stocker-


Roland Gift -

Xavier St Cloud

Tracy Scroggins -Cassandra


By Lyria Wollich

 Highlander the Series premiered in 1992. Following the popular Highlander movie starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery, the series was to take fans in a whole new direction. The opening scene featured a scrolling script read out loud by Adrian Paul, who was to become the premiere icon of Highlander fandom.

     "I am Duncan MacLeod, born four hundred years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. I am Immortal, and I am not alone.  For centuries we have waited for the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword and the fall of a head will release the power of the Quickening. In the end, there can be only one."

     In episode 1, Connor MacLeod played by Christopher Lambert, pays  a surprise visit to his cousin, Duncan MacLeod  while chasing down the evil immortal Slan (Richard Moll).  Upon reuniting, Connor does a good job of passing the baton to Duncan and creating a sense of continuity from movie to series.

     The series lasted six seasons, 119 episodes.  It finally drew to a close in 1997, the last of the episodes aired in the Winter of 1998.  The writers were careful not to draw the closing curtain too tightly, however, because Highlander was to return to the big screen in September 2000, in Highlander - Endgame.


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Production Staff

Bill Panzer

Peter S. Davis

Denis Leroy

David Abramowitz

David Tynan

Ken Gord

Gillian Horvath

Donna Lettow

Steven Geaghan

Laura Brennan

F. Braun McAsh

Amy Zoll

Charles Lyall

Chantal Giuliani

Christina McQuarrie

Rex Raglan

Richard Cook



Paulo Barzman

Peter Ellis

Adrian Paul

Dennis Berry

Thomas J. Wright

Richard Martin

Mario Azzopardi

Jorge Montesi

Ray Austin

Rene Manzor

Robin Davis

Clay Borris

Bruno Gantillion

Charles Wilkinson

Paul Ziller

George Mendeluk

Gerry Ciccoritti

Neill Fearnley

Duane Clark

Yves Lafaye

Alan Swayze

Gerard Hameline

Rafel Zielinski

James Bruce





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