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Christopher Lambert

Donnie Yen

Christopher Lambert about F.Braun Ash:

"F. was great highly professional and a pleasure to work with. I believe he gave a lot to Highlander Endgame not just as a sword master but also as a human being."


Doug Aarniokoski on Adrian Paul:

"Adrian is very respectful in terms of everybody's job. Adrian is one of those guys where I guarantee you he can do everybody's job. He could pull focus. He could work the smoke machine. Design the costumes. He could run the DAT machine and do sound at the same time. The guy is just so multi-talented. He blows me away. He really does. He reminded me a lot of Robert Rodriguez, who literally could do anything. He was really, really talented, but very respectful and never tried to push his way into somebody else's thoughts. He was always there for support. If you had a question and you wanted to involve him he was definitely there and he'd tell you what he thought about whatever it was you were asking him. But he was very mellow, very laid back, and was definitely a team player. In this kind of shoot, you need to have somebody like that. You really couldn't have an egomaniac on this film because the time crunch was so intense. Shooting in Bucharest was so brutal, there was really no room for egos."

"Adrian lent so much to the other actors. He was very supportive of them. It was great to have Adrian there." He adds that Lisa B. really worked hard and got a lot of help from Adrian when it came to playing the same character through different time periods, emotions, etc."

Adrian Paul's Philosophy:

ďDo what you want to do, follow what you really want to do in life, and donít get seduced by the natural instincts that we all have. People donít tend to judge you when youíre doing well, they tend to judge you when you are down. And thatís when you find out who you really are as a person. I believe that there is this Karma in life, that what you put out comes back to you in kind.Ē

Donnie Yen Philosophy of Life:

 "I have to say passion," Donnie says, not surprisingly passionately. "I have to say a passion for life, and everything in life. I think that without passion, it's not worth living. I'm talking about everything under the sun. When you wake up in the morning, until you sleep at night, as time goes by I think you should try to take a moment to appreciate all things. You should have passion for your work, your family. Let me just use an example: You and I should have passion having this conversation, because I believe that everything is meant to be for a reason-that life is short-and you've got to really live fully to take advantage of it."

Adrian Paul

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