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Highlander: Endgame

Producers Cut


 By Lyria Wollich

The new producers cut is the long awaited video release of last summers release of Highlander:Endgame and it is in my opinion the version that should have been shown in the theaters at release. The editing is much better, presenting a seamless flow from scene to scene and several of the parts that didnít make it to release were re-edited into this final cut. The story line has changed significantly, especially with the new ending that leaves views more elated then depressed and overall has the quality we have come to expect from the series. Several of the added scenes lend a better understanding of the overall story and Iím sure to the delight of fans, there is more of both Jim Byrnes (playing Dawson) and Peter Wingfield (playing Methos) to watch and enjoy, including a surprise appearance of Dawson during the final scene of the film in which he dispatches a watcher about to shoot Duncan before the final fight scene. (Joe to the rescue again!) A must see for all Highlander fans.

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